Rega p25 slow RPM's

My Rega P25 is spinning very slowly. It has been un-played for about 3 years, stored, dry upright. When the "o-ring" belt is removed from the drive pully the motor seems to turn fine. It appears as thought the dive pully main bearing needs lubrication. The manuals and lit suggest the bearings are sealed and not servicable unless by a dealer. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Try pulling the subplatter out and cleaning it and replacing the oil. It may have just gotten a little gummy while sitting.
The spindle and bearing have a low clearance, when I try to remove the subplatter (spindle), a vacuum "spring" is created and the plinth assembly is just about lifed. I was reluctant to pull harder, not sure how i would get the thing back together. (ie, bleed the air out)

I did find the plastic pully on the spindle of the drive motor had began to slip. What ever adheasive was used at the factory was giving way, sorta like a clutch slipping at the end of it's life. Alittle Krazy Glue, and I'm back in the game.

I think the table deserves more service, if nothing else, to easy my AR mind.

Have you dis-assembled a bearing/spindle and re-assembed without issue? I think new lube just makes sense, if I can get the thing back together. Thanks!