Rega P25 question

My friend is getting a P25 and was wondering what cartridge matches people have had good sucess with it.

I like the Garrott p-77. Anyone heard it on a P25?

Thanks as always, Benthar
He should consider a Dynavector 20X. A perfect match
I also have a Dynavector 20X. Great match!!!! I've also used Benz Micro (fine) and Grado (bad match).
My p25 currently dangles a dynavector 10x5. A very nice combo imo. I previously had the top of the line Shure (which had diffferent strengths and weaknesses) and an old Rega Elys (great for the $$$ but no match against either the Shure or the Dyna). If you're interested, I think I have a response floating around here on audiogon comparing the Shure with the Dyna in a bit more detail.

I've always been curious about Dynavector. Never heard one. How much is the 20x or 10x5?
If you have a Phonoe stage that can handle low-output MC, try a Denon DL103 (or the 103R). I have the 103, bought the thing for 200 bucks, and it really is amazing. I previously had the Dynavector 10x4 which I certainly did enjoy, but I enjoy the Denon a lot more.

Grados can work well on Rega arms, however...I have not used the P25 myself but have heard complaints that certain Grados will sometimes hum on Rega TTs, as can sometimes be the case with ARs and VPI HWs...maybe someone with direct experince can elaborate...

Thanks for the reco. Are we talking about the Denon 103 on a Rega p25? I assume yes, but please tell me.
I'm using the Denon 103R on my P25 and I really like the sound. And, at $259 shipped from Japan it didn't break the bank either.

I was using a Rega Exact before... but the Denon is worlds better to my ears.

Paul Green

I use a Goldring 1042 with my Rega P25. This cartridge is a good match for several motives. Firstly, this cartridge works well in a medium mass tonearm as the RB600. In this case, you will not have any problem with warped records. Also, the musical personnality of the P25 which is sweet, detailed and warm is a good team with the dynamic goldring. If you use a warm and dynamic amp with a neutral and dynamic speaker, you will be very satisfied with the goldring. It's not a good idea to use the goldring with a bright speaker. Lastly, it's easy to change the tip!

This threat is very interesting ! I have a P25 with a SuperBias cartridge and the sound is not terrific...
I've been advised to choose between Goldring 1042, Ortofon Vinyl Master Silver and Audio technica 440ML... Very difficult to know which one is the best choice !

Do you know if I would need a spacer to ajust the VTA with an new cartridge ?

Thank you,
Dear Nico,

With the Goldring 1042 you will need 1 spacer of 4 millimeters or 3 of 1 millimeters. I recommend you 3 of 1 millimeters because you probably use the Rega mat which has a 3 millimeters of thickness. In my case, I use a spacer of 4 millimeters because I don't use the Rega mat. I use the "tripad eon canada" mat which was made in the eighties with a 4 millimeters of thickness. It doesn't exist anymore. The Goldring is a good choice if you have a soft (Paradigm Studio 100 by example) or a neutral speaker (JM LAB Chorus 715 by example). It takes about 3 months of breaking in. The first hours, the goldring sounds bright, agressive and hard but after that it sounds neutral, dynamic, enjoyable and detailed. It just sounds right! Don't use it with a bright speaker like the Rega Alya. Good luck!
Benthor -

Yes, I have the Rega P25.
My 25 and Benz ACE High Output MC work well with my MF 308 phono section set on mm
Denon DL-103R, used in combination with: 1) J A Michell Tecno Arm Stub & Counterweight, and 2) the "Strange Tonearm Tweak - Long", available in A-Gon discussion forum (cost was approx. $1.00!).

I purchased the DL-103R from AudioCubes, had about a one month wait, but the shipped price is around $260, and the cart. works wonderfully in my system.
It's incredible. I also have a P88 and a Dyn 20x.

I prefer both of my Garrot carts to the Dynavector.

The Garrott is a perfect match for the P25 and the RB600. No arm adjustment/spacers necessary.

The sound of my P77 is very quiet with excellent mids and bass...To my ears, the high end is spectacular.

The rest of my system is Ear834 also a Tango pre-amp. Krell FPB amps and B&W N802 speakers.

Email me for more info.

i've used the following cartridges on my p-25.

lyra lydian beta
benz glider
denon 103
dynavector karat r23
grado sonata

obviously component matching is critical.
i use an arcam delta 290 and
ruark templar speakers.

the grado did not sound good.
very warm and muddy.

all the other cartridges are good
and have strengths and weaknesses.

the lyra is very detailed and fast,
but not particularly musical.

the glider is musical with a great
midrange, but lacks detail and speed.

the denon and the dynavector are similar
in that they are both well balanced. they
are just a cut below the other two, ie.
the detail and speed of the lyra are better
and the mids and vocals of the glider are

i've been told the new lyra argo has the best
of both, but i haven't heard one yet.
Before I upgraded to the P9 and Micro Benz LP(Ebony) I was using a P25 w/ Micro Benz Ace (Medium output) and was very happy with the combination.
Try the new Shelter $850.00 Cartrige. I hear it goes great With the P25 as long as you install the right amount of shims under the 600 Arm base. In fact the Shelter is considered to be one of the best low output moving coils ever made and was listed as a Stereophile Class A reccomendation under a different name a few years back when it sold for over $2000.00!
Yeah, I read that about the Shelter.

For what it's worth, I have a P5 with a Dynavector 20XH and it sounds great. Very well balanced. I am tempted between trying a low MC once I upgrade my phonostage or spending the cheese on some tweaks - vibration stuff, etc..

I wish I had a store where they owner would let me take cartridges home to try out.
Rega cartridges sound good on rega tables. But I guess that's just too easy.
That is correct. I had a Grado Sonata in my Rega 25, and it did hum though slightly. It was kind of acceptable, but I couldn't really turn it up louder. I installed a Benz Ebony High Output and WOW - much better
Has anyone tried it with a zyx 100? Add a base to increase the weight of the cartridge and some spacer to adjust the VTA and listen....