Rega p2, WT Classic or Pro-Ject perspective?

I have a chance at any or all of these turntables locally- the Well Tempered Classic, Pro-Ject Perspective, or Rega p2. I would rather buy locally, and it looks like the Rega is going to be the cheapest by far.

Which one would you folks recommend, and why?
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It's a no brainer. The WT is the best of this bunch. That table is special, the others are just another "starter" deck. It is however a bit of an orphan brand now. The distributor, Stanalog, has been asleep at the wheel for years and I don't think the current Well Tempered company who produces the Amadeus is supporting the older models as far as parts and service are concerned.
The WT will be the most finicky of these tables. My understanding is that the paddle design of the arm is a bit trickier to set up than the current golf ball.

I used to own an Amadeus and have only good things to say about the silicon damping design of Well Tempereds.
Not to hijack the thread, but Roscoeiii I'd be very interested in your impressions of the Amadeus and what you upgraded to and what improvements it offers.

I upgraded to the Amadeus from a VPI HW-19 with a Rega 250 arm. An obvious upgrade for many reasons. When I was shopping for an upgraded table I narrowed my search to the Amadeus and a Townshend Rock 7. When an Amadeus showed up used, my decision was made. Then I saw a screaming good deal on a Townshend Rock with a Rega 301 arm. So I jumped on it and decided to directly compare the two (they were very close in performance). You can find my comparison of the two over on Audio Circle, where I have the same username. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions.