REGA P2 /Planar 2 vs Music Hall MMF2.1?

Hello everybody, Im looking into getting back into vinyl but realize I dont have much time to listen to my system so I dont want to spend a lot. Which of these 2 players should I pick up? I know the REGAs run about 1% fast but they have better arms than the Music Halls. Can you guys share your experiences with these players? Let me know which one you prefer. Thanks for sharing!
The P2 is considered a better table than the MMF-2.1. However, it's considerably more expensive as well. The P2 is roughly on line with the MMF-5. How can you spend? Keep in mind that the music hall TTs come with a cartridge but the Regas don't. At least, when you're buying new.
Get the Technics FG Servo belt drive with plug in catridge. You'll do better and save money in the end. Better speed control and better suspension. The arm is decent, too...
Nicko, I could spend up to $500 but rather keep it around $300. Ive seen some places selling the Music Hall delivered for those prices. Thanks, anyone else know these tables?
Reference AV will sell you a MMF-5 for $399 new (but I think there's a delivery charge). Also they sell the 2.1 for less than $250. I'm in the same situation as you. I'd like to get a Rega P3 but I'll probably end up getting a MMF-5 because of the price difference. I decided to buy new cause it seems like shipping a used turntable is so complicated.