Rega P2 or ...?

Do you think a Rega P2 hooked into the pre on my Belles Aria Integrated will sound better than my bluesound node 2i (amazon hd) into my schiit Gungir multibit?  If no, then at what level will the turntable sound better than my digital setup?
The Rega P2 can be had for $400 so I am considering that turntable...  is there a turntable for similar $ that outperforms the rega P2?  

@riley804 , your opinion does matter so Thanks! That may be just what I needed to hear. It sounds like I need to spend $1500-$2000. I get it. The world of turntables seems a bit daunting, Learning to set it up actually sounds fun. I wouldn’t mind that. I actually would enjoy the whole experience of vinyl.

Also good to hear about the internal pre on the belles may not be up to the level I’d want.

Im not really trying to spend $ to just match my digital and it sounds like thats what it would be until I stepped up to the $2000 range.

@mads1, I thought it was a good deal too, thats why I was considering it. Audioconnexion, which I believe is the same as partsconnexion have the p2’s for $399 right now.

@riley804 , just for fun and so I can start some research, what would you put together for $1500-$2000?
I'd just get a Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2 and be done.  Or the Rega Planar 6 with an Exact 2 for $1995.  
The P2 was my first 'real' turntable some two plus decades ago. I lived with it happily for a long time. I think that the P3 is more of Rega's sweet spot and that some of the $500 or so Project turntables are better. I also agree with what other have suggested - if you have can swing a P3 and Elys, you will be happy for a good, long while with that rig. 
Research vintage tables from the early to mid eighty's, you can find some real  jems. If you can find a clean one, a JVC QL-A7 or QL-7 will really surprise you. Can be had for about 500 or less.