Rega P10 v Complete rebuild Garrard 401!

I currently have a Rega P3 that I’m generally happy with, but looking to upgrade and I’m in two minds.  Go old school with Garrard 401 or keep with new tech and get a P10.  Both are well regarded and there are plenty of individual reviews.  However I’ve not been able to find a comparative analysis (not really expecting to) so i thought i would ask here.  It would be paired with a Line Magnetic 508ia tub amp and Harbeth HL5 plus speakers.  
I listen to a wide range of music, from classic jazz, funk, soul and classic rock but admittedly i spend the majority of my vinyl time listening to thinks like Bowie, the Smiths, New Order, A Certain Ratio, Chameleons or similar.  
Any counsel?   
That all depends on how much you plan to spend on a tone arm of course. And do not forget price was in CAD so a lot less in USD.
And very likely open to a decent discount.

Just my thoughts, best on whatever you decide.
Don’t be afraid to buy from the UK. Check to see if they can expedite shipping if you want. Lots more available there and always cheaper than US. Did you check in with Matt Taylor of AudioGrail?
Seems quite costly over there in the US for anything Garrard. Check out eBay UK here for a decent 401.
I am sure it has been mentioned but check with Chris at Artisan Fidelity.  He always has options for plinths and fully completed 401's.
Hey Gunner,
I just checked out that ad and the Acoustand Audio Twin Arm Skeletal Plinth on the Acoustand site. To buy that plinth new from that company installed would be $527. My Woodsong plinth was $4,000! That 301 is probably about 7 out of 10 mostly for cosmetics. It does have the Woodsong idler wheel and new pulley which are the most important parts. It does seem to be in quite good working order. I would offer the guy $2,000 USD. He is now asking  $2,227 which is a very fair price. And get that Ortofon 309 for $2500. It is what I have and seems to be a great and very appropriate arm for a 301.  I would sell that entry level Vincent phono stage and invest around $1,000 in one of the many good phono stages. And also make an investment in a mid level MC cartridge. I suggested an Ortofon to match the arm and as a good value. I would be quite content with such a rig. Would consider sending it to Chris at Woodsong someday for an upgrade, or not. One simple and excellent self upgrade would be to buy a Pureaudio Tenuto gun metal mat for about $400. I have one... big improvement. In any event, $2k for a decent and well functioning 301 is a good deal and a great start! I would not be overly concerned with having the “best”.  Good enough is good enough. And you will have a quite livable amount of the Garrard Sound.