Rega P10 v Complete rebuild Garrard 401!

I currently have a Rega P3 that I’m generally happy with, but looking to upgrade and I’m in two minds.  Go old school with Garrard 401 or keep with new tech and get a P10.  Both are well regarded and there are plenty of individual reviews.  However I’ve not been able to find a comparative analysis (not really expecting to) so i thought i would ask here.  It would be paired with a Line Magnetic 508ia tub amp and Harbeth HL5 plus speakers.  
I listen to a wide range of music, from classic jazz, funk, soul and classic rock but admittedly i spend the majority of my vinyl time listening to thinks like Bowie, the Smiths, New Order, A Certain Ratio, Chameleons or similar.  
Any counsel?   
I have reached a point in my audiophile life where the purely objective aspects takes second chair to the sensory. A prime example would be my Manley Steelhead. When I power it up and watch the blue lights come on and can see in an instant which of it's three inputs (one MM and two MC) is switched on, I smile. I know right away if it is my Thorens TD124 or my Garrard 301 that is ready to go. It's not just the visual but also the tactile. When I turn that input knob on the Steelhead, it again is with a certain sense of satisfaction. Remember the 1949 Buick Roadmaster featured in the movie Rain Man? It is like that; taking pleasure in the sensory masterpiece of something well designed and crafted with care and love. It is a classic for a reason. That reason includes but is not limited to objective performance. It gives a lot of people subjective satisfaction and joy. The very same thing holds true of the design and build of the two turntables I mention above. The same holds true of the incredible cocobolo veneered plinth that Russ Collinson crafted as a one-off for me. 
I can appreciate and I do accept smatsu's love for his Rega P10. I don't doubt his summary of it's performance level for a second. But I would never swap either of my decks for a Rega P10. Art Dudley has written about this very same topic and he is a much better writer with a much wider audience than I am. He has written about the obsessive devotion to detail that went into the manufacturing of both the Thorens TD124 and the Garrard 301. Each and every part was designed and built only for that single deck; no parts were shared from other models. Each part was built to endure and they have proven their durability over 60 years time, often with abuse and/or neglect somewhere along the way. Do you think that 60 years from now a Rega P10 could be rescued from an attic and refurbished to better-than-new condition with minor effort? Back to the car analogy, we all know that they don't build cars now the way they were built in '49 with that Buick Roadmaster and likewise, a modern day Honda Accord will be un-salvageable waste in 60 years whereas a '49 Roadmaster discovered in some dilapidated barn in Iowa-even 60 years from now barring the apocalypse- could be restored back to it's magnificence. 

check your idler wheels first for proper operation. In time (~ 60 years) idler wheel develops flat spots which can be removed with sand paper while turning it. Also check pulley it has to be clean and glossy. Remove any residues with solvent. Better to change it into new ones pulley and idler.
Garrard 301/401 as is is capable to reach less than 0,1%. If modded properly I was told it can reach 0,04-0,05% w&f.
@bukanona, my 301 idler is a bit shiny and has small cracks developing so really needs renewing. Also the motor pulley is shiny polished and won’t grip the idler very well. So need to renew both. While I’ve got the RPM app out I should swap the good condition idler from the 401 into the 301 and see if there’s an improvement in w&f. I recall changing the oil in the bearing for a slightly lighter grade a few years back which centered the speed control. Also the motor bearings could do with some attention and the platter main bearing has developed some play. The 401 is tight by comparison. Not bad for the old 301 considering I bought it in 1989 for Aus$90 and all the work it’s done over the decades! Just looked at Classic Hifi Uk who can refurb it with a new paint job too for £500. That’s the beauty of a Garrard, it’s a well-loved classic that is totally restorable.
For what it's worth, I don't think we are talking about "wow and flutter".  I think the issue most harped upon by those who dislike idlers is noise manifest as rumble.  Let's face it, rumble is a potential problem, but proper restoration of the motor and moving parts and advanced methods of plinth design and build can reduce rumble to irrelevant levels, at least for Garrard and Lenco, based on personal experience.  A TD124 presents some more complex questions, because there you have both an idler AND a belt drive.
I talked with chris at Woodsong today.  I can see why everyone is so happy with him.  Knowledgeable, customer-centered and a passionate audiophile.  He clearly knew a great deal more than me, but never came across as condescending.  
I’m leaning the direction of a Garrard 301 with Woodsong doing the rebuild. However, and excuse ignorance in advance, but what does the forum think of the Thorens 1601.  Yep, belt drive, but classic design, and design principles and a price point that is below the rebuilt 301 and way below P10.  Perhaps I’m comparing apples to oranges, but bear in mind I’m on a P3 at the moment.   
I’m pleased with my Vincent PHO701 phono stage, and ideally don’t want to buy a new turntable and then feel compelled to entirely upgrade the rest of my system.  I get that this will forever be a temptation, but I would like this to last a least until the S&P 500 comes back!