Rega P10 v Complete rebuild Garrard 401!

I currently have a Rega P3 that I’m generally happy with, but looking to upgrade and I’m in two minds.  Go old school with Garrard 401 or keep with new tech and get a P10.  Both are well regarded and there are plenty of individual reviews.  However I’ve not been able to find a comparative analysis (not really expecting to) so i thought i would ask here.  It would be paired with a Line Magnetic 508ia tub amp and Harbeth HL5 plus speakers.  
I listen to a wide range of music, from classic jazz, funk, soul and classic rock but admittedly i spend the majority of my vinyl time listening to thinks like Bowie, the Smiths, New Order, A Certain Ratio, Chameleons or similar.  
Any counsel?   
i took a leap. purchased deck in UK, had it sent directly to Woodsong to be restored and had Chris create custom plinth (kind of blue).  relax and have fun. 
"Was about to say just what Noromance did.
Avoid Skyfi as their prices are well , SkyHighFi!"

I totally agree Skyfi is OVERPRICE is a joke!!! he think he selling GOLD LoL! you can find better deals somewhere else. 
Regarding rumble on a 301 and 401, they don’t put out any subsonic rumble so will work fine with a subwoofer. It’s just a slight background noise like the idler wheel spinning, which it is. It’s very low in level, quieter than the record surface noise on a quiet record, and a solid plinth reduces it to almost nothing. But it never is really totally silent. Belt drives and direct drives are silent by comparison. I have the original idler wheel on my 401 (and 301, it’s wheel is hard from age and wear, and is a little noisier) but there are higher precision new reissue ones out there that work even better. To dismiss the 301 and 401 because of idler wheel noise would be to miss out on all the other virtues it does offer, which are considerable!
Gunner, if you really want wood than it is a no brainer. All SOTA tables are wood. The Sapphire has solid hardwood sides and a veneered top. They will make it out of just about anything you wish including Macassar Ebony. Call and ask for Donna
Just this morning on USAM
3200 cad IS a steal at current exchange rates, the plinth looks very nice although might not be as solid and massive as some but extremely well made.
I really like the fact it has two arm pods, nice flexibility there.
Sure you then need find a good arm, but all part of the fun!