Rega P10 v Complete rebuild Garrard 401!

I currently have a Rega P3 that I’m generally happy with, but looking to upgrade and I’m in two minds.  Go old school with Garrard 401 or keep with new tech and get a P10.  Both are well regarded and there are plenty of individual reviews.  However I’ve not been able to find a comparative analysis (not really expecting to) so i thought i would ask here.  It would be paired with a Line Magnetic 508ia tub amp and Harbeth HL5 plus speakers.  
I listen to a wide range of music, from classic jazz, funk, soul and classic rock but admittedly i spend the majority of my vinyl time listening to thinks like Bowie, the Smiths, New Order, A Certain Ratio, Chameleons or similar.  
Any counsel?   
Not familiar with Fern & Roby.  Will investigate. Thx

mdalton i see your rig.  Nice blue!
You might want to reach out to the 401 refurbisher to check upcoming stock. I've a feeling SKiFi and others like them are buying up supplies. 
Can’t really speak for Rega’s new P10, I’ve only seen it at a hifi show and the look isn’t quite to my taste tbh. I’m sure it’s a great TT though, they have spent a lot of time refining the lighter and stronger design concept and I’d love to hear one in my system.
I use a Garrard 401 with Wand Master (NZ) tonearm and solid bamboo plinth, running from my own synthesised sine wave power supply and Townshend seismic isolation pods for feet. Currently running a Dynavector XX2, it’s by far the best TT I’ve owned. And I’ve had a few over the years. My trusty 301 has been there throughout, but it’s just wearing out after 30 years of service and although spares of everything on it are easy to come by I thought I’d put my immaculate condition 401 into service. The 301 has that dynamism as well, like the 401. Both great turntables. My other TT’s were Sota, VPI and Basis. Very good turntables to be fair, and quieter than the 401, the build quality on each is excellent. But the liveliness and dynamism coming out of the 401 combo is so endearing and satisfying. I think the Wand arm and bamboo plinth are synergistic and elevate it to an altogether higher plane of sound quality. And I just love the way it looks!
I’m interested in using an MM cart as well as MC and have an Ortofon 2M black coming shortly, so will update soon.
Fremer really seemed to like the P10, I dunno...................
Easy, If you don't like rumble get a P10. Idler wheel drives were the necessity of the day. They needed torque so the radio stations could cue up records and they needed to be able to change between three speeds quickly. Electronic control of motors had yet to be developed. Bass below 50 Hz did not matter as it was not broadcast and very few systems could reproduce it. Direct Drive tables put the old idled wheel tables out to pasture. Then they started show up super cheap on the use market and audiophiles on a budget bought them in droves, started hopping them up and deluding themselves into thinking they sounded better than modern turntables. They are very cool and in many instances much sturdier than some modern tables. But, they can not get away from the fact that there are too many moving parts and moving parts make noise regardless of how well they are made. At the speeds these bearings run at the resultant noise is rumble. Anyone with a good subwoofer system powering their room at close to realistic levels will not be able to tolerate this. If you think you can your subwoofer system is not functioning well. 
If you were to build a new idled wheel turntable to aerospace standards it still would not be able to perform as well as a modern belt drive. It might come close when it is brand new but it will not last long as the idler wheel wears. 
If you want to get an idler wheel table as a conversation piece, wonderful.
Otherwise stick to the modern table. The P10 is a great table but for almost the same money I would get a SOTA Sapphire with an Origin Live arm on it. Isolated tables rule.