Rega P10 Owners: have you compared to other tables?

I'm probably going to have to downsize in the near future and my VPI Aries/Fatboy may be doomed due to space limitations. I've always liked the P10 skeletal design but curious if anyone has compared one to other high end tables? I owned a few Rega tables at the beginning of my vinyl hobby but never heard a P10 variety. The form factor would be perfect.
I had a P10 in early 2020 and compared it to a Technics SL1200G. I found the P10 checked all the boxes for me, two very different tables but I choose the P10 with their Apheta 3 cart. Simple and dynamic. I scaled back my gear in 2020 due to job concerns but have been slowly building back. I now have a P8 with the Apheta 3 but next on my list is trading the P8 for the P10.

As @tablejockey states, Rega get's a lot of criticism but if you want function over form, set and forget it, and just a great sound, give the P10 a chance.
I have the P10 and a LP12 in two different systems.  My P10/Apheta 3 is in a system with Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers and Luxman EQ-500 phono stage.  My LP12 is in a system with Harbeth M40.1 speakers and a Zesto Andros phono stage.  My LP12 has the Radikal power supply, Keel subchassis, Ekos SE tonearm, Akiva MC cartridge.

I've had my LP12 25 year anniversary model for about 24 years and if I were buying it new it would cost almost 3 times the P10.  I've had my P10 for about 1-1/2 years but I've never compared it A to B in the same system with the LP12.  Before the P10, I had the Rega RP10/Apheta 2 for 4 years.  In my opinion, the P10/Apheta 3 is clearly better than the RP10/Apheta 2.  If I were starting from scratch and buying a new TT for either system, I would buy the P10/Apheta 3.  I think the P10 is a fantastic TT.
The P10 really is an excellent, musical turntable but you will be giving up a bit of bass-weight compared to the VPI, and you'll need to pay close attention to placement to avoid structural resonances. But for the size and price? Hard to beat.