Rega P-5 squeak

The table is about 4 months old. I've noticed a sqeak when I first turn it on tha only lasts just for a second and does not affect play. Any thoughts or suggestions?

absolutely normal...that's the way my P5 behaves
Hey, Joe_in_Seattle,

Did you get your P5 from Hawthorne Stereo?
You'll save wear on the motor and belt by starting up the platter by hand as you turn it on. Also, leave it on even while changing records unless you're using an after market clamp, which, of course, would preclude this.
FWIW the squeak is caused by the belt streaching against the platter at startup - much like your car tires will squeak if you apply too much gas on start up. Piedpiper's suggestion is a good one - it will minimize wear to the belt from stretching. Not a big deal at all.