Rega p-5 power supply ubgrade

I've decided on purchasing this table with a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge. Is the power supply upgrade worth it from those that made the change? It will be plugged in to a Shunyata Hydra 8 with a python power cord.

The PSU upgrade is always worth investment. The AC Syncronious motor's vibration is reduced drastically and you'll experience a more detailed delivery from the table...
Speaking from true experience...

I did it-it was night and day!
Absolutely. It raises the performance of the table considerably. My wife has 15 year younger ears than I, and she wouldn't allow me to buy a P3 once she'd heard a P5 WITH the PSU. The P5 alone, she felt wasn't much of an upgrade.
It's a must, imo. Likely should be the first upgrade for anyone with a P5.
I concur with all above. I just bought my P5, TTPSU & exact2 cartridge. My dealer highly recommended the PSU upgrade. Once I did the side-by-side I did not need anyone to suggest what to do. It is a $300 wel spent - almost puts it in the same class as a P7. The P5 with TTPSU was Stereophiles 2005 ananlogue product of the year.
I might add that if you have an older Rega Planar 2/3 (and I believe the 25), the Heed Orbit power supply is quite a nice upgrade as well - somewhat rare on the used market, but quite affordable new.