Rega p-5 cart upgrade

I am currently using an Exact2 on my P5 but thinking of moving to a Clear Audio Maestro or the Tailsman.

Has anyone compared these 2 carts?

Better yet has anyone tried them on a P-5?

Just remember if you use any other cartridge than a Rega, you will probably have to change the VTA setting. This can only be done with spacer(s).
Yes I realize that. My local dealer will be installing and setting it up.

FYI phono pre is Clear Audio basic +
Change of plans....looking at a Benz Glider now.
The Glider should be a good match. I did some listening with a P5 with an Ace SL on it and it was a perfect combination for that arm. It tracked superbly.
Hi No money.........What don't you like about the Exact 2 ? What kind of differences are you expecting by changing to another pick-up ? What are you trying to achieve ?
When you get an answer (hopefully quickly!) please let me know. Coincidentally, the Elyss in my P5 crapped out tonight and I was coming here to do initial research into a replacement. I just had to replace four tubes in my Mac preamp yesterday. Cripes, this stuff costs money...
Anybody who compared other superior carts to the Denon DL103 and Audio Technica AT33PTG on a P5 please let me know. I am currently using the DL103 and have the AT33PTG on the way. Don't have any clue on what to expect with the new cart and was just shooting in the dark when I chose the AT33PTG.
Got the Glider installed Friday and have about 10 hours on it now. I am SOOOOO glad I made the switch. Everything from top to bottom is cleaner, faster. There is no comparason between the two. Very happy customer here. I have even less money... :)
No$, Interesting. I made the same choice and hadn't come back here since my initial post/response. I'd narrowed my options down to about three and my dealer basically said that the Glider was the winner hands, down. I won't be getting mine until after the holidays, however, due to financing restraints.

I think you will be very happy. Let me know what your impressions once you get it installed.
Glad you are happy with your choice. When I had my P5 w/Exact I was satisfied with the combo. When I upgraded to the P7 I kept the Exact as a backup and went with the DV20X-H. Another great combo, had to add 4mm of spacers for this cartridge.
Yes, I have heard nothing but good about the DV20X. My dealer had the Glider SL in stock so I just went with that one for now.

About that P-7 you got there.... what differences did you notice from the P-5 to 7? My dealer may have a used P7 coming in next year so... thinking about making that move as well.

forget the p7. keep your p5 and put the groove tracer subplatter and platter on it and you basically have a p7 or better.

I brought home my Rega with the Benz Micro Glider installed in it. I have been, in a phrase, blown away since.

I accepted that analog was likely superior to digital, I just hadn't heard it in my own system. I have a Cambridge 840C cdp and that was/is awfully damn good for my digital front end, especially with the best recordings and especially in the SHM cd format.

But this Micro Benz Glider is a whole level up. Now I can't imagine would really good speakers would do for me, or if it's even worth worrying about. I feel like I'm at that point where so many of us feel like, or have felt like, we simply don't have to upgrade any further (before we inevitably do, of course. :-) )

Glad you are enjoying it! This is pretty much where my analog front end is taking a lead over the digital as well.