Rega P-3 Set Up tools

What set up tools would you consider
"essential purchases" for a new owner of a
P3 with a RB300 arm?
If it matters, I am using an Audio-Technica AT 0C9 ML and Monolithic PS1 phono preamp.

Alignment protractor, stylus force gauge, bubble or spirit level, test record.
Go here.
FWIW, I have the same table and phono pre. In addition to the above suggestions, I might add that you consider purchasing some sort of VTA adjustor (whether or not this is absolutely necessary will depend on the height of your AT cart). I got mine from express machining ( They'll sell you one for 20$ if you also buy their counterweight (which is worth the money). But the most important piece of equipment is your own ears and judgement. After you've "properly" set up your cart and phono pre, note all the settings, and then begin the real job of tuning your table (after all, your turntable and phono pre don't exist in isolation). In my system for example, I've deviated from the "proper" (according to the HiFi test record) anti-skate setting and the "proper" (according to conventional wisdom) VTA settings with good sonic results. And right now I'm experimenting with the capacitance setting on the Monolithic. Ejoy!
a record cleaner especially when your vinyl collection will grow to big numbers.
You might also try Turntable Basics for these tools.

Marakanetz, yes I deliberated over a cleaner or cleaning brushes, but stuck to the strict interpretation of 'setup tools' - although I'd agree it is just as important in the long run.
Thanks to all for the tips.