Rega P-25 Tweeks .........What works for you ???

Finally getting adjusted back into vinyl after years of being dormant. I've noticed upgrades that are available for stock items like platters,counterweights,discs,ect. Obviously these are of higher quality and do make a sonic difference. Which upgrades have you implemented into your Rega table? And what noticeable change have you gotten after the conversion? What has worked for you ?
Expressimo Heavyweight Counterweight is a good mod. Improves tracking, sounds better, cheap to buy.
Replace stock RB600 with moded RB250 by either Incognito or Origin Live; acquire an acrylic platter or replace stock felt mat with Ringmat. Counterweight suggestion is right-on as well + you can also get Clearaudio Heavyweight.
ditto counter wieght and wire. Ringmat helps, as well as better isolation for the table. I liked puting mine on DH cones and Squares. Maybe try roller blocks too...
Where are some good places to order both of the counter-weightss? Thanks.
I think Music Direct handles them.
Another upgrade would be the Sheer Audio acrylic platter. Takes aware some of the forwardness of the glass platter but retains detail and timing. Also like the Extreme phono none felt mat on the glass platter at half the cost of the ringmat.
Got the Expessimo counterweight (get rid of o ring) and vta adjustment also the extreme phono mat, rewired arm with single length of cardass cable ie. no breaks in cable run. Great tweaks at not huge costs
Well I see that this has produced some excellent information. I'll start with the counter then move to the platter. I thank all of you for much needed information. Thanks again.............
I need instructions on how to install the incognito tonearm rewire kit. I have the kit but no instructions!

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