Rega P-25 cart recommendations -mm or mc

Now a new(er) question: I think I would be happier staying with a MM cart since I only just got the Bellari phono preamp. Could y'all chime in with a recommended MM cart or do you feel very strongly on the Denon or Dyna MC carts? If an MC cart would make that much difference, would I be okay in going back and just plugging the Rega directly into my Sansui (restored 9001) phono jacks (would spare me buying a new phono preamp in the near term)? Also, plan to do the Baerwald setup soon - thanks for the info that led me to the template, Viridian! VEry cool and I just started watching Fremer's setup dvd I bought at Christmas and he even mentions the Baerwald setup - as I held the template in my hand! Finally, is there a place to buy the hex driver that fits the cart. alignment needs for a Rega - is it a widely available thing? My bike hex things are too big. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
any hardware store will sell you a hex set for 2 - 3 bucks. You may need metric. Why not consider the Rega cartridge line. I'm quite happy with my Exact 2.
One of the Turntable Gurus here, advised me to go with a Goldring 1042 on my REGA P-25.

Easy setup and sounds good to me.
I have a p25 and have had a rega elys, a shure v15, and now have a dyna 10x5. Both the shure and dyna were much better than the elys (though I haven't heard other rega carts). Between the shure and the dyna, things were much closer, though ultimately, I liked the fuller, punchier sounding dyna. It's a high output mc which means it's designed to be used with a mm phono stage. Lots of other nice carts out there. Enjoy!
Bear in mind that tighter, beyond a certain point, is not better when it comes to cartridge mounting. The point of the Rega torque wrench is to get the tightness tight enough but not too tight. They're expensive though at $165 from a Rega dealer. Obviosly, you can use a normal allen wrench but be easy with it; snug and no more.