Rega Owners...which after-market counter weight?

I am looking to "tweak-out" my P25 and wanted to know if any of you guys have done any testing comparing the different counter weights, mats, etc. I know many of you bought one or the other and like the results, but have any of you compared one to the other?

Thanks in advance. :-)

p.s. Anyone that has links to sites that sell the counter weights, could they please be posted? Thanks!
About two years ago, I made a post here about the Express Machining Heavyweight Counterweight. I bought this counterweight for my (then) Rega RB900, and I was amazed at how much improvement there was to the arm's performance. I commented then that I am generally very skeptical about "tweaks", but in this case I thought that the Express Machining counterweight was a "must buy" for anyone with a Rega tonearm. The counterweight can be purchased from The Audio Advisor, Music Direct, and directly from Express Machining.

If you want to read my original review of the counterweight, here's the link to the Audiogon archive:

For more info, use this link to Express Machining:
I've also tried the Heavyweight and found it to be a good improvement over the stock weight.

I have not tried the new Michell Technoweight personally, but I have gotten a few emails from some other people who liked it alot. It has a micro-adjuster on it that seems like a good idea.
If anyone has compared Heavyweight with Michell Technoweight, kindly let us know, thanks!
Talk to TWL about his HiFi mod! I use it on my RB 900 arm and think it really helped.
I found the F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight from [email protected] to be a "mandatory" upgrade, as it increased clarity, weight, three dimensionality, harmonic richness, and bass extension. It made vinyl listening so much more enjoyable that it actually justified the claims of the manufacturer. The improvements seem too great to be believed, but it really convinced my family that vinyl rules, and we all know how hard it is to stop a non-audiophile in their tracks, and have them listen voluntarily to the latest and greatest.