Rega owners

RP1 plus performance upgrades or RP3? I want to spend around $6-7 hundred but might be willing to go up to the RP3 if it is worth it. Thanks
I'm a Rega P9 owner and have heard/demoed many Rega decks. IMO the P7 is the gateway to true high-end sound in regards to Rega tables. I have not demoed the current RP6 so I can't tell you how it compares to the P7. My best advice is wait until you can find a mint P7($1500?). This option will let you survive several cartridge/electronics/speaker upgrades. There will always be demand for the better Rega tables P9/7 RP10/8, so good resale value will always remain intact.
I started with the P5/Exact, moved up to the P7/Dynavector DV20H and finally to the P9/Lyra Delos. Dayglow has it right - start as high up the line as you can so you will not feel the need to upgrade too soon.
Thanks. Right now I'm just trying to upgrade from a 1960's / 70's era Phillips that I got for $50 bucks. It actually doesn't sound too bad. The main reason for my question is whether A Rega 1 or 3 would be a substantial step up from where I am now? I'm not really a fast upgrader and feel my system is pretty good now, but think a modest phono upgrade is in order. I have a Odyssey Stratus extreme plus amp, Lazurus tube pre-amp, and Nestorovic 5AS speakers.
Wildoats-If your a DIY guy and don't mind vintage gear you have many options. If you want a new table the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon($399)appears to be the best value in new budget tables. I have not heard Carbon Debut but have heard other lower cost Pro-Ject tables and they offer alot of value. The Rega RP3($895) in stock form is not a great value. After all the RP3 upgrades you would be better off getting a used P7 which would still outperform the maxed out RP3.
RP3 in a heartbeat Wildoats,

There is little upgradeable path with the RP1. However, there is almost infinite upgradeable path with the RP3. The RP3 is (IMHO) in a league of its own. Fast, detailed, superb dynamics, taut bass, with uncanny PRaT!

The new tech is simply superb. Comparable to P7 standards.

No brainier.
Thanks KIKO and to all. RP3 sounds kinda good.
X2 very important.
I have a REGA RP3 with a custom aluminum 3mm shim from Groove Tracer. Also, bought the reference sub platter, Acrylic platter and a Mapleshade vibration kit.Also, the upgraded Rega belt. Everyone of these upgrades elevated the table a lot. The RP3 is now super dead quiet and spins effortlessly on the sapphire and Cz bearing. I can now use a record clamp! It makes a world of difference, (JA Mitchel). The best cartridge match I can find for the RB301 is the Dynavector 10X5. This combo works best ...Full dynamics,bass,highs are sweet and effortless, midrange is full and rich with detail and accuracy. I could go on for a while....Total money spent on this Rega RP3 is $2000, with Cartridge! All I know is I would have to jump up to a 5k rig to get better sound. Now that's value!