rega osiris vs simaudio600i or?

looking to make a decision anybody have the rega or sim what are your thoughts on a great integrated are the just hyped?
I went with the modwright kwi 200.I was originaly thinking about the 600i...great quality,good reveiws.Price?ugh...all silver hard to come by used too.Someone suggested to look at the modwright.After 200 + hrs burin and the way it sounds!.. not lookin back.
I need to disagree with you Meiwan. In my opinion, the Osiris can be considered even " cheaper" compared to the top integrated amplifiers in the market ( I mean Dartzeel, Gryphon, ASR, Vitus, Boulder - the ones I have listened ) . In my opinion, it is in a different league compared to Sim Audio.
My last integrated amplifier was a Gryphon Callisto, 2200, with An. Upgraded pre amplifier circuit similar to Gryphon Diablo and I think the Osiris even better.
Each of the mentioned top integrated amplifier has its own qualities and can even better match your taste than Osiris....but without doubt the Osiris has the same overall refined sound.

Look at Neodio NR600 signature. If there is a better sounding integrated I have not heard it. 100 watts ss, French made. BTW I own the Rega Isis cdp, the best player in my system under $10,000. Let me know if you want anymore infor on the Neodio.
I have not heard the Osiris but since it is the cousin of the Isis I am sure it would be exceptionally good.
Have you been able to compare the Isis Valve CDP with your player?

What's "better" is a value judgement...we all know that. It's like asking "how long is a piec of string?" ANSWER: "it depends..."

Simply put, I bought REGA R9 speakers to replace my TOTEM FORESTS with my existing bia-mped kit.
Then I heard the TEGA ISIS Valve cdp and REGA OSIRIS integrated amp.... blew me away!! Had to have them!!~ so I bought them well spent!

So I sold off ALL my prior electronics and now have an all REGA simple kit: R9s driven by the OSIRIS amp and the source is the ISIS valve cdp.

IMO, it smokes the competition .... but just my opinion (key point: there is great magic that REGA synergy brings)

Give it an audition, you won't be disappointed.
I am using the Dynaudio Special Twenty Five and the Osiris drives them easily.
The Osiris plays way above its price point.
It soars even higher when partnered with the right source kit .... Like the Isis valve cdp .
Hooked me to the point that I scrapped my entire biamped kit and Totem Forests and bought them both.
Only an audition will tell but you won't be disappointed IMO.