Rega or Marantz??

looking to get a new integrated for budget system. any opinions appreciated, have the choices narrowed down to the Rega Brio R and Marantz PM6004.

Speakers for now are Energy RC10 bookshelf.
Creek if you can afford it. Rega if not.
Rega .... without hesitation IMO between your two listed choices.
I also agree wih Xxqq250.... Creek is a fine kit
Have you considered Cyrus if a half-size footprint is a key concern?
I wish I could afford several brands/models. The Rega is at the outer most limit of what I can spend. I really didn't want to go that high but it got such great reviews and Made in England was appealing.

The Marantz pm6004 is 300 less than the Rega and getting decent reviews also.
I haven't heard the Marantz you mention. Have a Rega Brio in room system. I am pretty impressed with Rega sound to say the least. Very musical! Good luck with your search.
I just purchased a pm6004 and cd6004 to use in a secondary system. Only listened to the amp a few times yet (waiting for a new media stand so I can set things up), but I thought it sounded great, even without break-in time. Can't say how it compares to the Rega, but I've heard the Rega's highs are a bit harsh. I can tell you the Marantz is on the warmish side, and pretty dynamic.

By the way, if you go for the Marantz, I recommend Music Direct ( They gave me $100 off the amp and cd player because I bought them as a set, and they shipped overnight for free (!). They also threw in two aftermarket audiophile quality power cords for free. Best service I've ever had over the net.
Thanks all for the info, I know it's kinda like asking people Chevy or Ford? We all have our favorites. I'm Toyota myself.

I noticed the Marantz is Made in Japan, some will say not a big deal but if given a choice; made in the UK, Japan or China like most electronics, I'll take the UK/Japan versions.

I have no experience with Marantz or Rega, just sold a PS Audio Trio integrated amp that I had been using for a couple of years.
Have you actually heard the latest Rega Brio R next to a Creek?
Cheers JohnnyR

I have heard them both but not side by side. Actually, I have a 5350 and have put it next to alot of different integrated amps and have always preferred it over anything in its price range. I believe the reason I like it so much is that the preamp section is passive. My experience/preference is that if you can't get a really good active unit, then don't buy one; go with a passive .