rega new tables p5 p7

Came across these yesterday. Had not heard about them through any ces reports. Different plinth designs and new power supplys. Also the p7 gets a ceramic platter. Anybody seen one or heard them?
Haven't heard them; they have only very recently appeared on Rega's website. Looks like the P5 is replacing the P25, and the P7 fills a gap between the 5 and 9...looks like both are designed with the new RB700 arm in mind...I only recently heard about the new arm, and I'm curious as to how it will stack up to, say, all the modded and rewired 250s out there...interesting!
I just saw the news on the Rega website as well. Certainly looks interesting, only problem so far is that the P25 with its wooden surround looks about 100 times better than the new ones. The other problem is that new tonearm seems to have the base of the RB 1000 so that none of the aftermarket VTA adjusters won't work anymore. Also that means that the standard armboards with the hole predrilled for the RB250/300/600 won't take the new RB 700. Too bad the RB 600 will be discontinued....
The other interesting thing is the new powersupply (upgrade for the P5 and included in the P7. Wonder how that will compare to the $300 powersupply/line conditioner by Heed Audio...

both tables look ugly compared to the 25. you gotta wonder what they're thinking.....the 9 is now the last beautiful rega table
But will they play at the correct speed....
I would agree the p25 was nice looking and the p9 is beautiful. but the new tables at least on the website look a little like plastic. I wonder why the switch away from the p25?
Touche, Troutki. I'm betting 'not (pun intended).
Wait until you here the new Rega with the new upgrade power supply. This one will make your records spin even faster. What about listening to your vinyl at 35rpm....
I actually love the look of my P25, clean and elegant, but the speed issue is driving me insane. I know there are fixes supposedly, but it makes me mad that I would have to spend the money for a "fix." Anyone have luck with any of the speed fixes or after market speed controllers?
Yes Troutki there are 2 fixes that you can try and cost virtually nothing.To make a Rega run at 331/3 rpm if it is typically running 2% fast, you have to widen the sub-platter that the platter sits on.What I do is wrap 2 spliced(not wound)lengths of standard electrical tape around the edge of the sub-platter,trim it so all edges are neat,replace the belt and I am on speed.You might have to vary the number of splices for your own table but I think this is excellent, and I think the extra damping would help.Test revolutions with a strobe or stopwatch of course.The other tweak is a plain rubber band around the Rega sub-platter edge,look for one that looks like a reasonable fit and try different combinations until you get it on speed.Hope this helps.

I'm the owner of a P25 turntable. You can read my review on My name is Gino Lavoie and I'm living in Montreal. I resolved the problem about the speed with some electrical black tape 2 or 3 years ago. It works!
you will probably get a better result using
very thin aluminum tape...thickness is very
fine...similar to electical tape, and has an
adhesive backing...have fun
I know this is an older thread but thought I might add that my P5 runs dead-on 33.33rpm. I used to own a P3 which ran around 1-2% fast but the P5 is perfect and that was true prior to adding the optional TT-PSU.
I've been informally checking Rega decks for speed accuracy for the past year and of my admittedly small sampling (11 units to date), I have not been able to comfirm any consistant pattern of speed deviation for these turntables. All were decks owned by friends or clients and nearly as many ran spot-on or slightly slow as did those that ran fast.
After replacing the belt and cleaning the pulley, only 2 units had a speed error in excess of +/- 1/2% when set up level & playing a record.
IME, the primary factor in Rega speed appears to be in keeping the motor pulley clean in conjunction with a well maintained or fresh OEM Rega drive belt.
At this point in time, the elevated speed issue appears to point to belt inconsistancies(esp non-Rega sourced belts),wear or improper viscosity lubrication & maintainence. I also suspect that local variations of the AC mains supply may also be involved in the reported speed issues as one of the units tested ran slightly fast on the first occassion and at a correct speed a few weeks later in a different session.