Rega Neo, MC & MM mkiii wal-wart Upgrade

Hey guys,

   I have a Rega  Plannar 6 TT w/ Exact 2 cart. and like a lot of you always felt that the Neo wal-wart was the weak link in the chain. Then I discovered Swagman's psu upgrades and ordered the Reference psu ($250) to replace the stock wal-wart. I'm currently using the Rega mm mkiii phono stage so I ordered a second Swagman's having felt that the only advantage the Rega Aria's MM stage ($1495) has is the power supply, a more rigid construction and the ability to upgrade the power cord. With the Swagman's upgrade, you get it all. The Swagman's Reference PSU is a beautiful and extremely well made unit. I received the units hooked them up and let them cook for 24hrs. The sound improvement is nothing short of amazing with tight bass, cymbal extension and instrument placement is more pronounced. Like many of us, I was thinking of replacing my tube amp and preamp or maybe upgrading the cartridge. The only problem was that I have really good components and cables so I could not put my finger on the problem. Well, problem solved. Trust me, if you have a Rega Neo psu, MC or MM mkiii phono stage, do yourself a favor, save money by not spending a couple of grand on new components instead upgrade to the Swagman's Reference PSU. They do make an entry level power supply for the Rega's that cost $150 that is made to the same meticulous standards as the reference but I decided to go for it so I won't wonder what if. I am aware that the Rega Aria is a MC/MM phono stage but when I decided to step up to a MC I can purchase the Rega MC phono for $495 share power supplies and spend $1000 on a cartridge. Who says that you can't get loads of realistic detail, dynamics and bass with old tube gear? All without loosing the guttural nuances and fingers brushing the strings. The luscious midrange that tubes are known for. It ain't perfect but for a 9k system, I'm definitely in the game.

Rega Planar 6, Exact 2 cart., Neo psu
w/ Swagman's upgrade & Audioquest NGR-Y3 power cord
Rega mm mkiii
w/ Swagman's psu & Audioquest NGR-Y3 power cord
Cary Slp-50a tube preamp (1998/mint)
w/ Kimber ascent pk14 power cord
 Cary Sla-70b signature tube amp (1994/mint)
w/ Kimber Kable ascent pk. 10 power cord
B&W 705 s2 speakers
w/Target MR Series stands
Kimber Kable:
Silver Streak and Hero IC's
 8tc speaker cable bi-wired (been using cables for 20+ years)

Happy Listening :)


I own an upgraded Swagman LPS as well. Very impressed with the build quality and the sound. It produces a black background and adds weight to the music.
Mine is designed specifically for digital. There's no excuse to keep the wall-warts when there's such a high quality  affordable LPS like the Swagman.

As a very recent owner of both Swagman and MCRU LPS, both are excellent.  I would also say their effect on the overall sound of my system beyond the components they are actually plugged directly into is significant.  Makes me wonder if there is both a subtraction and addition element to ditching switching power supplies.  SPS are inherently noisy, and the high quality power supplies combined with upgraded power cords are very, very quiet.  End result is much better overall system sound.