Rega Naiad - £30k ... sure, order me a couple

Here's Rega's no-holds-barred assault on your vinyl wallet:
Don't buy it then, but how about trying to understand the very expensive engineering behind it and think of how it might benefit all those interested in turntables down the track at an affordable level. You are interested in turntables are you not? You wouldn't be posting here on an analogue enthusiasts site otherwise.
Dear Bassraptor: Well, that price is almost normal in the TT high-end even a little lower than several others.

The main subject here is if the quality performance level on this Rega TT makes honor to that price.

Something interesting is that the design is a low low mass design that goes against the today TT trend that's heavy/massive mass and weight.

So with the Rega you can't be aware how much you pay for metal Kg. as in other $$$$TT but maybe more because its performance.

I like the low mass approach. R.gandy knows for sure what he did it down there and for very good reasons.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Don't get me wrong ... am posting here to inform. I've been a regular Rega user for 25 years (the Planar 3 was my first proper TT) and have owned a number of Rega TTs right up to the P7. But I don't necessarily have to believe everything Roy is selling, even though I respect what he believes is the right way to design a turntable. There are few TTs that are as easy to own and live with as a Rega!

The past couple of years have seen Rega step out of its comfort zone - entry/mid - to take on a more esoteric market. Which is interesting - the Naiad steps it up even higher, so of course I'm curious.

However, if I gave the impression of being skeptical ... that's just exercising my right to expression.
The low mass approach has definite theoretical benefits, but low mass coupled with a heavy platter is asking for trouble from Isaac Newton. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", which means that there will be a tendency for the base to rotate counter to the rotation of the platter. Perhaps and most likely the spike feet digging into the shelf will counter-act that opposite force.

Anyway, I would never say that this turntable could not be great sounding, but it is indeed difficult to understand why it costs close to $45,000, in US dollars.