Rega Mira to drive Focals?


Anyone have experience with Rega gear driving Focal speakers? I'm speaking particularly about the Chorus 826v, OR the Profile 918. I am considering both of these but would like to make sure that the Rega is enough amplifier, at least for now (~60w). Thoughts or considerations?
Sorry for the late reply - I just saw your post.

The stereo store where I bought my Chorus 816v's used a 50W Simaudio Moon amp to audition all of the Focal Chorus speakers. I used a 50W, now 60W tube amp to drive the Focal 816v's. I had no problems driving the 816v's with the 50W tube amp but when I goosed the amp up to 60W the speakers sounded more alive.

I just bought a pair of Focal Electra 1027be speakers. The 60W tube amp powers them well. But I wonder how they would sound with a 100W or 200W amp pushing them.

You might get good results with a 50W solid state amp but you might need more power to get the most out of either of the Focals you listed.