Rega Mira / Cursa preamp sound improvement?

I currently have and all Rega System, and use the Mira 3 integrated as my amplifier. I'd love to hear from anyone that uses a Mira3 and Cursa3 together, and if the sound quality from adding the Cursa3 preamp is a significant sound quality improvement.

Thanks, James.
Hi James,

I once had an all Rega system. Moved from a Mira 2 to the Cursa and Exon monos. There was some improvement but not a whole lot (to me anyways).

I think this was due to the Mira sounding that good (and your 3 is even better) rather than the Cursa/ Exon combo not being that great.

Anyway, that was about 2 years ago and this is what I'm recalling now.

Best of luck!