Rega Mira/Brio ?

Anyone using either of these? I'd be interested in hearing your impressions. Any charateristics/features you like or don't like? Thanks
I have had experience with the Mira and think it is very good. I helped a friend set up their first Hi Fi a couple of months ago and was able to put a mint/used Mira, Planet, Dynaudio Audience 40 system together for $1100.00 and in their smallish room it is very good.
Just bought a new Mira and you should too....
I bought a Brio a couple of years ago for a bedroom system, solely on the strength of reviews and my experience with the price/performance phenomenon known as the Planar 3. But I've been underwhelmed with the Brio. Nothing wrong with it, really, just a bit dull and uninvolving. I later bought a Linn Majik, which I love; it's worth the step up if you can afford it. You should also hear the NAD C340, which I heard in a store on some small PSB speakers, and it was good.