Category: Amplifiers

The Rega Mira 1999 integrated amplifier looks like a BBQ but It has wonderful musical qualities. It's the best amp that I have ever had. Its main musical caracteristics are vigorous, warm, sweet and soft. I compared it with a NAD and an ARCAM about the same price. I listened these with magneplanar electrosatic speaker and a NAD C521 CD player. The feeling and emotion of the music were impressive with the MIRA. The CD "Reminising" by Buddy Holly was fabulous. The beat and emotion were better than the NAD and the Arcam. It was not complicated to fall in love with this amp. It has a nice MM phono preamp also, a good thing for my REGA Planar 25 turntable. I recommend this amp with bright (REGA Alya) ou neutral(JM LAB chorus 715) speakers. The main fault is that the generous toroïdal power supply emits a lot of heat. For this little problem, I use a fan and the amp stays cold. IF you can find a used one, don't hesitate! Buy it!