Rega Maia vs Roksan Caspian?


Does anyone have an opinion on either, or preferably both, of these power amplifiers?

They're both rated at 85 wpc at 8 ohm and are approximately in the same price range, the used Roksan being slightly more expensive. I want to start slowly upgrading my system and thought separates was the way to go.

My current setup is a Marantz integrated, Cambridge Audio CD player and JM Lab Chorus monitors.

My musical preferences are rock and electronica.

for rock and electronica you will get more for your money by going from a monitor(the jm lab is very nice)to a full range floorstander. many take up no more space than monitors with stands, and you gonna be amazed at the size and weight of your favorite tunes.....there are many quality brands for under 1500 dollars per pair
Thanks, Jay. My speakers are next on my list to be upgraded. But before I do, I wanted to get some horsepower under the hood.

I'm also considering a Rotel RB 1070. Any ideas?