Rega loudspeakers?

Don't know much about their speakers. How they sound and with what,(source, amp) behind them? Thanks!
I have the Juras. They are a great sounding $1000 speaker. They work very well with Rega electronics but they sound good with tube gear. I know a dealer who sells both the Rega and Thiel speakers and he likes the Juras over the Thiels at twice the price.
The best adjective off the top of my head to describe my experience with Rega ELAs is 'coherent.' Stunning midrange coherence, clear highs. Bottom end a bit restricted due to driver and enclosure size. There is a pair of ELAs for sale on the site that I actually owned for awhile. I bid on them and won on a whim, as I was always curious as to their sound. For the money, they are a good value (I think the asking price was $450 - list $1100). But in a direct comparison to my Kestrels, they fell short by a wide margin. I thought this was a good comparison, since the new list prices are pretty close, and both are floor standing, time-aligned, transmission-line designs. I found them to be laid-back sounding with my Linn components, and I believe you use Linn yourself. Again, for the money, I don't think you would be disappointed, but you might still want to demo them against a similar design such as the Kestrel, If the ELA is the speaker you had in mind. Good luck.
John I live in unfashionable, little town, not so far from New Orleans. I haven't had chance to hear Kestrels nor any speaker in my price range, so i depend on review' is a pain in...!