Rega Jupiter2000 vs. Sim Audio Nova

Anyone had the opportunity to compare the two? And if so, your impressions, given all the usual qualifiers.
I actually have both attached to my system now. The Nova is a recent addition and the Jupiter will be headed to my second system.

I would characterize the Jupiter to be a "smooth" sound and the Nova a more detailed sound. Overall the Nova has better high end detail, bass definition, imaging and depth. Not surprisingly the Nova has a more open sound and creates a larger soundstage. Also the Jupiter does not have the dynamic range of the Nova. The reviews of both players sum up things pretty well.

The Jupiter is still a great sounding unit at around half the price of the Nova. If you can afford the extra cash the Nova is the better player.

Auditioned with:
Simaudio P3
Simaudio W5
Dynaudio Contour 3.3's
thanks for your response! it's been ages since I've since I've visited the forum. I've always suspected as much as you report but have never had the opportunity to actually demo the two two side by side. thanks again!