Rega Jupiter vs Marantz SA14

Looking to purchase one of these units but torn between the technologies. I've heard wonderful things about the Jupiter, but SACD is very tempting! I've heard the Jupiter many times, but haven't had a chance to hear the SA14. I listen to acoustic, and vocal selections, with an emphasis on piano, and female vocals. I'd love any comments or suggestions.

Associated Equipment:
Rotel 951 front end, Parasound 850 preamp, Dynaco St-70 amplifier, Joseph RM22si speaks

Will be upgrading next year to Rogue Audio middle components, as well as adding a Rega p25 table.
i have not heard the marantz, so i cannot compare. i can just say that the jupiter is a wonderful cd player, and is the best i've ever heard. not to say that there isn't a better one, mind you, just that i have yet to hear one. (parents have linn mimik, heard jolida, 47 labs and a few others)

i obviously don't regret getting it and would recommend it to anybody. for the first time, i have NO interest in updating my cd player.

linn lp12 ekos/arkiv/lingo
jupiter cd
rega cursa preamp
2 rega maia amps
magnepan 1.6qr
rega vulcan sub
Over the past couple of weeks I've listened to several CD players. The Arcam FMJ, the Naim CD 5 and the Rega Jupiter. In my humble opinion the Jupiter came out on top in every instance. Althought it was close at times between the CD5 and the Jupiter, I found the Jupiter warmer and more inviting. Perhaps, reminiscent of vinyl. The Arcam on the other hand was clearly stomped by the Rega (no contest).

My system now includes:
Rega Jupiter
Rogue Audio 99
Rogue Audio M-120's
Audio Physics Virgo's
Mapleshade wire and interconnects (great stuff...)
Plateau component stands