Rega Isis cd player ......Dedicated 20 amp circuit?

I just bought a Rega Isis cd player and noticed it has a 20 amp power cord. Do i need a dedicated 20 amp circuit for this player? 
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No - I believe the two fuses on the back are both rated at 1A.
A 20 amp power cord for a cd player? That must be some power supply!
The laser is so powerful it only plays CDs once!
For $10K it probably has a good size power supply to feed the tubes. If I paid that much for a CD player, I would consider a separate 20 amp circuit for it, even if it was  across the house from the breaker box. I see no downside.
Looking at photos of the rear of your cd player, it does not have the 20A male IEC power cord receptacle. The pin pattern for a 20A cord is different than a 15A cord. What makes you think you have a 20A cord?   
I have a REGA ISIS Valve spinner .... it is built like a tank at > 45 lbs in weight with a massive power supply.

Absolutely no need for a 20 amp dedicated feed (unless you feel compelled to install one for ??....): a "standard" 15 amp dedicated power line like I have. is perfectly fine.
dill I was looking at the Rega Reference power cable web page and specifications say....Power lead cable rating 20 amp.. Thats why i thought i needed a dedicated 20 amp circuit. But akg_ca answered my question 
As far as I know, from the installation cost perspective, there's no difference between running a dedicated 20 amp line and a 15 amp line from the breaker box. It just gives you the option to use the wall plug in the future for a high current amp.
guys what is the sonic dif. between the SS and the valve version if I am going to use as atransport-