Rega IO integrated amp

Just a heads up for anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive integrated amp, you should hear the new Rega IO. For $599 it's hard to beat. I am using it in my bedroom system with a pair of Tannoy Mercury M1 speakers and an Arcam Blink. I am constantly amazed at the sound quality. At 30 watts per channel it won't knock the house down but in it's range it's really special. 

I spent a few hours listening to it with the Vandersteen VLR CT at the Audio Connection and that experience made my buying decision easy. The fact that it drove a $3,100 speaker so well was a real surprise and along with a Bluesound Vault made for a great system. The MM phono stage is really good as well.

Anyone looking for an integrated amp in this price range should listen to it before you buy anything else. See the positive reviews win Tone Audio, Hi_Fi Choice, What Hi-Fi? and others for more details.
I had the chance to listen to this integrated as Johnny Rutan's place (Audio Connection) in Verona, NJ.  I could not stop listening to it and was just confused at how a $599 amp could sound so alive and dynamic.  This amp is sure to be a classic someday in the likes of the Naim Nait 2 or the original LFD Mistral.  However, the Nait 2 was $850 back in 1987 so do the math on that one. 
Audio-connexion WAS selling for $359 shipped.  Yes, I scored one.  So now think about that price/performance!
It really is a great little integrated and I S you not, I almost decided to keep it as my main amp for my Figaro XL’s! Amazing sound quality, Open, airy, PraT!!!
I may buy another one to toss in the closet!