Rega Fix

I have hit upon a fix for the noisy,microphonic tonearm cable on the stock RB300.Pull it apart so the cable is separated right up to the plug in the base of the tonearm,then twist it together from the base right up to the RCA plugs.Not too tight as to strain the cable and the noise is gone.The earthing is improved.It can be done with speaker cable effectively also.
Hello fellow addicts :-)

I wanted to post some other Rega fixes. I used to own a P2, P2 with Rb-600 (an amazing combination, strangely), and a full P25.

The first fix requires a good pair of sissors (I used a Leatherman) and some black electrical tape. Remove the platter to expose the subplatter. Carefully wrap 2 EVEN layers of electrical tape around the edge of the subplatter. Stop exactly where you started and cut there. Use a razor or the edge of your sissors to trim the excess from the top of the subplatter. Congradulations, you Rega should be very close if not dead on 33.3 RPM!

The second fix I discovered on the Moth Alamo. What happened is that the motor got 'unglued' to the base. I took two smaller wood-tapping screws (have sharp tips at the base) for this fix. You will also either want acrylic or some Sorbathane. For each hole, place a small piece of Sorbathane/acrylic between the motor's screw plate and the base. Using a bit of pressure and some patience, push the screw into the base until it's secure. Now, revel in how stable the sound is. Futhermore, adds lots of soundstage.

I'll try the stock-cable fix on my 250 and let all know how it goes.


Marty Nickison
I should state the problem I had was really an earthing one and not really directly microphonic.I could hear changes in the hum from the stage when I moved the tonearm cable and it was microphonic in addition sometimes,if that makes sense...Anyway all noise ceased when I twisted the cable together.The tweak is reversable.