Rega Exact 2 on a Technics 1200

Does anybody have any experience with this cartridge and tone arm combination? The technics will have the KAB fluid damper, and sumiko head shell on it. Also, how nice of a preamp would you need to make this combo worth the retail price tag of 595.00 for the cartridge? Currently, I have the fairly modest Cambridge Audio 540p.
I personally think Rega carts should stay on Rega decks and to take it one step further I think there are better carts for the monye. Besides that I've tried to mount a Rega cart to a Stanton headshell and it just wouldn't mount properly. If I remember correctly the mounting screw holes don't line up right.
I think they compliment each other pretty well. You will need a shim between the headshell and the cartridge in that the Rega cartridges are very short in height and the Technics VTA will not go low enough to accommodate them. Regarding the phono stage, the good news is that the output of the Exact is very high at about 7mV, so you won't need a lot of gain, and noise won't be a problem even with relatively high noise, all tube designs if you choose to go that route.
Certainly, for $600 you've got other options worth considering. Alignment shouldn't be a problem though.
I agree with Synthfreek, he is correct for many reasons.
Thanks for your opinions, is there a general concensus on MM cartridges that match up well with the technics tonearm and the more popular kab mods? Just getting some ideas for future upgrades.
Let me ask...since you are using a 1200 I would only assume that you're not a "typical listener". Do your tastes lean more toward electronic music, rock, hip-hop or the typical audiophile stuff like jazz and/or classical?

12-22-07: Jmoog08
Thanks for your opinions, is there a general concensus on MM cartridges that match up well with the technics tonearm and the more popular kab mods?
With the fluid damper, it seems that some medium compliance high-output MC cartridges work well.

I can attest that the Denon DL-160 on a Sumiko headshell works very well. There's an A-goner here who also has a Technics and has headshells mounted with the Denon DL-110 and a Sumiko--I can't remember if it's the Blue Point #2 or the BPS EVO III. Anyway, you could probably take this route up to at least the Blackbird (but I'm speculating based on my Denon experience).

Another route would be to get an Ortofon Concorde integrated cart/shell from KAB with an OM30 or OM40 stylus. This also eliminates one screw-down joint between the stylus and the tonearm. This approach is widely reviewed and highly recommended by the reviewers (TNT, Sensible Sound).

I have also heard (from an online audio reviewer deeply into LP reproduction) that the new Ortofon 2M (moving magnet) series is a *great* match with the SL1200. For the money you're talking, you might want to go all the way to the 2M Black with Shibata stylus.
I, too, agree with Synthfreek. I have an Exact 2 on my P5 Rega TT with good results. It's quite neutral, has good detail, taut bass, but I bought it because it married well with my deck.

Were I to have a 1200 I'd try any number of good cartridges under $400 which would likely match the performance of the Rega.
I have Trackmasters, Trackmaster II's & Stanton D5200's(DJ Kraze models) for my decks but I do a lot of scratching and backcueing, etc. I had an extra Rega Super Elys laying around when I upgraded to a Dynavector and that's what I tried to mount on a Stanton headshell. A shim wouldn't help me because the width of the openings where the mounting screws go do not line up with the width of a Rega cart. I'd need a headshell that allowed side movement as well.