Rega Elys II cartridge: Is it worth the money??

I am considering buying a Rega P3-24, but am not sold on Rega's cartridge, Elys II. I have read very little about it, except it being mentioned in last month's Absolute Sound review of the P-3-24. How does it stack up against the Dynavector 10X5, or either the Sumiko Blue Point#2 or the Sumiko EvoIII. The EVO and Dynavector are about $100 more in price and both are high output moving coils. The ElysII is a moving magnet. Need some input about this cartridge and whether it is competitive.
if you see the name REGA,it is always worth the money IMo.

One of the most honest hi-fi companies,and their products always outperform the price given
If you want a rega cart buy the exact. Either buy a MM or low output MC. Never really understood the purpose of high output MC's.
Rega is the United Kingdom's version of Bose.

How so? Rega products typically gets excellent reviews in the Hi-Fi mags, receive lots of awards, makes the single most popular tonearm put into use by other TT companies, have legions of devoted fans who hang out at places like Audiogon, and are carried by lots of serious mid and hi end dealers. Bose is scorned by the mags and by everyone around here, and is sold only through them and box stores.

But I guess I shouldn't feed the troll.
Audiofeil's answer illustrate what is wrong with the hi-end today.

jelous dealer who will try to sell their products and try to kill the competitors no matter what.

Rega is run by a passionate group of 'proper' engineers,not by ex-hifi salesmen who think that they know everything ,hence start a hi-fi company

It also just show how little the word heritage ,and the importance of properly engineered products,are appreciated by people in the frontline of hi-fi ;the dealers.
Bear in mind that Audiofeil refers to Koetsu cartridges as "dinosaurs." Which means, it seems safe to say, that he is a dealer neither for Rega nor Koetsu.
That is correct Dopogue but if you read some of my other posts there are products I endorse not in my line.

You failed to mention that.

Conveniently I might add.
Sorry, Audiofeil, I haven't kept up with what you sell and what you don't sell. Didn't know I was supposed to.
I've owned lots of products built by high end audio manufacturers, among which is Rega. I have only good things to say about their products. They perform well, are cost effective, and have great durability. I would rank them near the top of trusted manufacturers.
IMHO, Rega's RB300 is probably the best value proposition in my 30+ years
in this silly hobby and, interestingly, despite their performance
(unremarkable, IME) the carts become viable options for RB owners simply
because the clever mounting system covers a multitude of potential sins.

I also own an Apollo - fine but so are many others at the price. I've
extensively shopped the higher end 'tables via A/B comparisons and never
found them competitive. The electronics (on the few ocassions I've heard
them) have not sounded particularly noteworthy. I wonder if the rest of the
line gets a free ride on the (deserved) rep of the arms. Certainly not bad
stuff, and certainly priced fairly, but I've never found any of their products
compelling. Just

Let me throw my hat into the ring of Rega supporters. My NAD 533 table (A Rega Planar 2 w/ RB-250 arm) has performed flawlessly for the past 6 years, and I am seriously considering a Rega P5 when I decide to buy a new table. Additionally, I have spent a lot of time listening to my brother's system with a Rega Planet CD deck, Naim amplification, and Totem speakers, and have been very impressed.
I recommend going with the Exact ll which is a cut above the Elys ll.

Rega is a good product.

Case closed.....
third vote for the exact,its vital fine line stylus provides good detail, a true to life high end, tight bass, and toe tapping music. It's a cartridge I can live with for as long as it lasts.
Rega is the Bose of the UK? What a stupid and arrogant thing to say especially from a dealer.

Blowhard dealers are sooooo annoying.
Although I am a Rega dealer, I don't need to pretend that their products are competitive with the very best, but they were never intended to at their price points. I think where Rega falls down, if you want to call it that, is that Roy Gandy is committed to offering solidly engineered non-tweeky products at fair prices, and professes loudly that "tweeks", even including things like better cables, VTA adjustment, etc., are not valuable. Nor does he take any cues from the hoards of after market products designed for his decks. IMHO, he couldn't be more wrong on these last two points, but his products consequently consciously cater to the plug and play crowd, of which there are many many more than us tweeks. And for us tweeks, there are those hoards of after market products.

Getting back to the original post, at that price point I would recommend the Exact II or the EVO III or Clearaudio Aurum Beta S depending on your taste.

...and again, dealer disclosure.
fwiw, i think you get a discount if you by the P3-24 and Elys as a package, around $100 if I recall correctly.
That is true for any Rega cart/table combo.

I'm guessing that Audiofeil is a bit tired of what he perceives as ubiquitous and exaggerated claims of superiority for products that are obviously built to a low price point. Perhaps he is erroring similarly by his frequent and sometimes exaggerated claims to the contrary.

Also, I would add the Dynavector DV-20X and the Ortofon 2M Black or Bronze to the short list.
hmmm. according to mikey in his review of the p3-24, if you opted for the exact you'd lose the discount. since you're a rega dealer, i'll assume you're right and mike is wrong.
The price list in my hand says all the Rega carts except the Apheta, have discounts if bought with a table. The Elys and Exact represent $100 savings and the Bias a $45 savings.
I find this to be an interesting thread for a couple of reasons.

First, I agree with Audiofeil to some degree. The "degree" has everything to do with ones perception of high-end. I am of the camp who believes the Rega is not high-end. Still, it is a decent value for the market that it serves, which I believe is an entry point to high-end audio. If Audiofeil and I are on the same page, then the word "high" is the one of greatest emphasis. The definition of the the term, high-end is one often bantered about, but what does it mean? That perceived definition alone may be the point of contention that separates many of us. I believe it should mean something special.

Second, I agree with Piedpiper to some degree. His grasp of Rega's role is a good one, but he neglects to point out that the cartridge he recommends, a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S, is little more than a dressed up AT-95E, a $35 cartridge. So was the Linn K9, so I suppose that's ok, too. In any event, the Rega lineup is important in that it starts many on their move up the chain. It's like that first little hit of something different on the way to becoming a hardcore, mainlining audiophile. ;)
I haven't heard the Elys II, but I've heard the Exact on a P7 and was very impressed with its ease of presentation, air, detail, and musicality. It had detail but didn't beat you over the head with it. That said, I think (based on my experience listening to what I now own) that the Audio-Technica AT150MLX has a similar sonic signature to the Exact, but if you can put up with a conventional 2-point mounting system and some DIY alignment, the AT150MLX gives a run for the Exact's money (at least), but it can be had for $250 and--unlike the Rega MM carts--the stylus is replaceable at $179.95.

I had been running a Denon DL-160 into a vintage Amber Model 17 preamp. Then I decided to try a Cambridge 640p phono stage. I got a nice upgrade in resolution, extension, and especially s/n ratio. I heard so much more, it prompted me to try the AT150MLX. Now I felt like we were cookin' with gas. Finally, I felt that my speakers were holding the resolution of the system back so I upgraded to Mirage OMD-15s, and it turned out to be true.

With all those upgrades, the AT150MLX just kept sounding better, which means that it was (and is) tracking out the details and conveying the meat of the music. I'm getting a rich, full, lush sound largely because of the AT150MLX's speed, clarity, sonic perspective, separation, linearity, and extension at both frequency extremes.
The fact remains that practically all phono cartridges beyond the B.O.T.L units are grossly overpriced, making listening to Vinyl almost a rich man's hobby: assuming you must buy new. I avoid that like the plague. Occasionally I get burned, but at today's inflated prices I'm still ahead of the game.

I bought my Elys2 from a guy who bought it new and wasn't too impressed. Neither was I - having replaced an Elys 1(slightly better than a Grado Gold sans hum). I persisted though and as I bid on a Denon 160 and ran through the replace cartridge checklist for my RB300, all of a sudden I was listening to a different cartridge(I had changed nothing! this was after 25 hrs listening-adding to the 25 the p.owner had put on it). A deep, rich, full-bodied more detailed sound issued from my speakers that became rapidly more and more beguiling. This cartridge has a thing for drum kits!

Irritatingly I won the DL160 bid! Now what? Luckily the 160's stylus was so badly gunge'd it took a while to clean it! But I did. I fitted it. VERY flashy HI FI wise and great fun to listen to: GREAT Stereo imaging. After a while though I found myself missing the beguiling Elys2 and refitted it. The 160 sits languishing! A DL 160 retails for $190, the Elys2 another 60% more. But I've now bought 3 Elys at a 1/3rd the retail price - thanks Mikey! At it's retail price I wouldn't buy it, and be contented with a DL160; but with used - with that break-in period...
A previous incarnation of my system employed a Rega P3 with RB300 arm. I thought it logical to stick with a Rega cartridge due to presumed compatibility with the arm and ease of set-up. It replaced a likely decades-old Supex cartridge which was a throw-in with the used table. And I was never happy with the sound of the P3/RB300 with the Rega Elys so I sold it (the Supex sounded way, way better). The elys was replaced with the slightly more expensive Dynavector 10x4Mk2 (the 10x5's predecessor) and let me tell you - the difference was night and day. Compared to the dyna, the elys was strident, un-natural sounding, compressed and extremely unpleasant.

When it comes to budget turntables and especially tonearms Rega is a great choice. For cartridges they are easily bettered. If I were you I'd steer very clear of Rega cartridges.
I would suggest to get Audio Note IQ cart. I had Dynavector 10x5 on my P3 RB300 combo, and replaced it with Audio Note IQ2. Tremendous change.