Rega Elicit R w/PSB speakers

Will new Rega Elicit R integrated amp (105 w) be sufficient power to drive 4ohm PSB Synchrony speakers?
Synch One or Two; big difference. The Ones need high current to drive their
low impedance levels.
If it is 105 wpc into 4 ohms it's too low.
Synchrony one's
As in your other thread, advice will be the same; look for an amp that doubles it's power from it's 8 ohm rating to 4 ohms. (or close to double)
The impedance curve of the One's shows how hard they are to drive; The amp has to be able to drive the spkr below 4 ohms.

Rega Elicit...
105 Watts per channel into 8Ω
162 Watts per channel into 4Ω
Looks too low IMO. But the website states a Class-A driver stage, so I don't know.

Were you able to try any other amps from your dealer?
no my dealer didn't want to lend any amps

I tried Accustic Arts(power 1 mk.3) & got good results
Regret sending it back...
I wasn't satisfied with built in phono stage
May repurchase w/o phono & add MF M1 vinyl.
The Acoustic Arts is a nice amp, but a weak built-in phono stage is often the case.
Powering my PSB Sync Ones with my solid state Ayre integrated - love it.
How many watts into 4 ohms is your Ayre?
What do you think of Bryston seperates
BP17 pre & 2.5 amp
It really isn't a matter of how many watts an amp is at 4 ohms. 50 watts is capable of decent volume levels with synchrony one's... (88 to 90db sens)I'd probably want 100 minimum.
The problem is what happens to an amp trying to drive a 4 ohm load... The better an amps power supply is the closer that amp comes to doubling its power from 8 ohms to 4 ohms, that is the reason for the wattage recommendations. A good power supply sounds better and your amp won't crap on itself trying to drive your PSB's.
Sorry Fishing716,
I really should have mentioned. If you are a rocker, or listen at relatively high volumes for long runs of time, your Rega might have a problem, but if you listen at reasonable levels for an hour or two on occasion and aren't driving the bass hard. Your Rega should work fine... I don't want to mis lead you though, other amps that have proper power supplies may or may not sound better than your Rega, depends on the amp and your listening habits.
I listen at reasonable levels
Classic Rock,bebop Jazz & Classical
I'm leaning toward Bryston Seperates
2.5 & 17
135w into 8ohms
That Bryston only has 180W into 4 ohms. I think a Bryston would be a good amp to drive PSBs, but remember the Synch One's impedance drops below 4 ohms, so I would think it might need higher power; it depends on the size of the power supply of that amp. If I remember correctly, you were missing the fullness of bass with your other amp.
But, I'll bet the 3BSST can drive your Synchs.
I'm auditioning 2.5 w/17 preamp coming next week..
I'll report back if it provides adequate power/bass
Hi Fishing716. How are the Brystons working out with the Synch Ones? How does the amp compare to the Acoustic Arts?

BTW, there is a new thread where a system sounds dynamic when first turned on, then later sounds weak. It's probably a different situation than yours since you were able to document the change in dynamics.