Rega Elicit-R Volumes: Phono vs Line

Hi All,

First post. So I bought a used Rega Elicit-R for a great price. Sounds fantastic. My setup is an RP6, Dynavector 10x5 and ML Motion 40's use Kimber 4TC.

I just started to notice how high I need to have the volume up for the phono vs the line input. Phono is about 1 O'clock to be a decent but not loud volume. Line 2 is is about 9 O'clock to get the same perceived loudness. Is this normal? Does it have something to do with the MM/MC input of the phono in?

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That is a normal condition. Amps sound better in the upper range on the volume control. I use this Schiit SYS to tone down the volume on my CDP to match the volume on my phono!