Rega Elecit-R vs Naim Nait XS 2


Well, these two units have made it to the top of my list for a new integrated amp. Rega's got an internal MM option which is nice, but I've heard that the Naim will perform a little better sound wise. I literally have no idea what to expect from either as it's hard to find demo units where I am.

Anyone have any experience with these?


Hello Phillip, are you still looking for an answer on this? I can help.
Hello! Yes please I have not pulled the trigger on an integrated yet and I am about to. 

I have recently changed my mind about the integrated phono input and decided that having a line level input in for TV purposes trumps an integrated phono stage. 

Any impressions you can offer on these amps would help a lot. Thanks! 
It appears that you do. I used both. Depending upon what loudspeakers you pair them with, my observations will vary to an extent.
The Rega sounds refined, lush, musical, and at times lean-ish. It has an exceptional on board (for onboard) MM phono stage if that matters. It's able to drive difficult loads, and it's just able to get out of the way of music overall.

Naim now, is very different. It has a thumbprint sound signature of the brand, with more warmth and musicality. Preserves PRaT the brand is known for and adds layers of long term musical enjoyment. No onboard phono but, power supply upgrade capability. The addition of a Flatcap XS is a significant upgrade. Way worthwhile.
What it's going to boil down to overall is you sound signature preference along with any given loudspeakers synergy.
Lastly, I think NAIM has gone bonkers with their prices lately in the last few years. They changed North American distribution and prices were upped since every year.
My choice, all things considered -Elicit-R.
Pay equally careful attention to speaker cable choices, as well as power cords. It'll pay off in large dividends.