Rega -Deep Groove Replacement Subplatter

Has anyone tried the Deep Groove all metal with Ruby bearing replacement subplatter for the Rega P2,3 or 25
Turntables? What did you gain? What did you lose?
There's a couple of reviews on audioasylum.

I started a similar thread on another audio board with regard to my P3 and the concensus was that the P3 is engineered to a price point, and the table is difficult to substantially improve without investing money sufficient to have just bought a new table.

My main problem with the P3 is speed stability. Apparently the best way to improve that is to have a new pulley manufactured that can accomodate two belts and forego 45rpm playback. Such a pulley is not commercially available so you'll need a friend in the machining business.

The arm is a different matter.
I think that there is a design fault with the Rega with that issue of speed stabilty.Rega is well aware of the problem and there is a fix they recommend for it.You must first flush and totally clean the bearing well using white spirits and then rinse with distilled water and allow to dry.Then you replace your cleaned steel bearing of course, and then add 2 and 2 drops only of 80w/90 Mobil Gear Oil of the type Rega recommends.This will make a Rega Planar run on speed according to Rega.The problem is many Rega tables don't run on speed,thats because 2 drops of gear oil does not last long at all.Probably due to evaporation if anything among other things.You would probably have to check the oil at every play in a reasonably warm climate(not England!)to run at speed.So that is the fault.Rega obviously did not forsee this.
I have had the new bearing and subplatter for 2 months. The noise floor has dropped. The bass has tightened. In my opinion, it was worth the money.
Thanks Folks, I guess I better place an order, I looked on the web for sellers but it appears music direct is the only distributor unless some knows of another. Always looking for a bargain.