Rega Damping mods

I have seen some damping mods for Rega tables on the web and am wondering what you think of them.One is a rubber ring that goes around the edge of the platter tightly, and is 10mm wide to cover the edge of the standard platter.I am improvising using turntable belts about 5mm wide.This is supposed to increase stability and reduce vibration.Another is casing for the Rega motor which apparantly reduces vibration.I have also considered using Blu-Tac to damp the centre spindle hole as there is room,is this a good idea? stefanl
You could most easily add either the Un-felt turntable mat, or Herbie's turntable mat as an instant enhancement for the platter. Another instant enhancement which I use on my Rega RB-300 arm is the F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight from Gregory Kerry Audio Designs Inc., an Audiogon member from Canada. The material and design of this counterweight provide a really astonishing audible improvement in clarity, bass extension, and harmonic richness (although this is exactly what the manufacturer claims in his advertisement, still a wonderful surprise when it turned out to be true.) There is an entire industry devoted to optimizing the Rega equipment. These were the easiest, and most dramatic upgrades for me, to help show why vinyl rules.