Rega DAC ?

For those who own one or have owned a Rega DAC (the original, not the newer DAC-R), what are your thoughts on its sound quality? Relaxed, upfront, bright, dark, bass heavy, etc.? I'm especially interested in comparisons made to other DACs. A forum search didn't turn up anything particularly pertinent / helpful.
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It’s pretty average. Mines in the closet bc it’s not better than the cheap blue sound node internal dac. Wasn’t better than the audio engine d1 either. Pretty disappointing. Ran it with a red wine amp then a Hegel h200. Tekton speakers then tannoy. Your results may vary. 
I found the original Rega DAC to sound a bit soft and lacking in resolution. It was loaned to me by a friend that also loaned me a Denafrips Ares II. The Rega DAC went back to him pretty quickly. The Ares II stayed in my system for 5-6 months.
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