Rega DAC ...what else should I consider ?

I am looking to add a DAC and have listened to a Rega. I liked what I heard and want to know what else is that price range that I should look at. I want it for CD, MacBook, and iPod and iPhone.
How much is the Rega?

For my money, the new TEAC UD-501 is hard to beat.

It has dual coax, dual Toslink and a USB input that supports up to 32bit/384kHz AND 2xDSD!

Supports both XLR and RCA outputs. Uses dual balanced mono architecture and TI BB1795 DACs.

Also has a decent headphone amp.

A good review of it is in the Stereophile sister site (audiostream)
I should have added I picked the Rega was that I already have an Apollo R and RP1.

Here's the review I mentioned.
Inexpensive maybe the new DragonFly or MyDac. Also the Arcam RDac--very musical. I own an RDac and use it downstairs.

For my upstairs system, I just compared the Benchmark HGC-2 and the NAD M51. I liked the Benchmark but I love the NAD M51. And I can connect my Oppo blu-ray via HDMI and play SACD and DVDA thru the NAD and it sounds fantastic.