Rega Dac USB vs Toslink

Rega Dac users, have you compared the usb connection vs the Toslink?

With a MacBook I'd like to use the built-in digital out to the Rega's Toslink. Has anyone compared the usb vs the Toslink?
I did not try the Toslink, so pardon me if I'm wasting your time. However some suggested that the Rega DAC is best when using the SPDIF connection. I added the 99 dollar Musical Fidelity V-link and found that the Rega's sound was improved even further. My friend replaced his EE Minimax Plus with the Rega and V-link, so that may tell you something.

Great DAC....enjoy!

Just compared USB with Toslink using a mac-mini. Toslink blows away the usb. Tighter bass, better resolution, more open and engaging sound.
Get a glass toslink cable and compare IMO. I bought a Sonicwave glass cable from Amazon for about $25 shipped. It sounds so much better than any fiber cable (read plastic) that I've tried. Some of those plastic cables weren't cheap.

Toslink has an advantage that it eliminates electrical noise.
I was always under the impression that toslink had more jitter than usb.
The Rega DAC reclocks, thereby theoretically minimizing/eliminating jitter issues. USB and toslink are reportedly both higher jitter interfaces.

Regardless of if reclocking negates differences or not, the only way to tell what sounds best is to try all reasonable options. The glass cable I spoke about is $25. If USB sounds better, I'm sure you could find another use for it.

The Rega DAC's USB input is limited to 48khz, I believe. Toslink will go higher, so if you have high-res stuff you may be forced to use toslink or get a USB to coax converter.
I'm just starting down that path. I have had a Rega DAC for some months now, listening to redbook cd's through my old cd player, which I use as a transport. I just ordered a Silflex glass toslink cable and will start there. will try that as is first. Then I will eventually get the v-link and a short usb, and run the toslink out from the v-link to the DAC, which Collums thinks sounds better than the coaxial connection.
My silflex cable arrived, so I downloaded pure music and some free hi rez sample files. Pretty freakin' amazing, I must say. I'm sold on using the computer as a music server.
I've already noticed a couple of things: the iTunes plus files sound just as good as rebook cd, and the cd's I rip to the computer in AIFF sound better streaming from iTunes into the dac than from my cd transport. Interesting. Looks like the dac's jitter control works pretty good with the silflex toslink cable.