Rega DAC RCA cable recommendations?

I am a novice when it comes to cables and am using 15 year old RCA cables (Monster)in my system right now. Here is what I have:

Alpha Arcam 8 CD player (next on the upgrade list)
Rega DAC
Acurus RL11 preamp
Acurus A 250 power amp
Harbeth P3ES2 speakers.

I am looking to spend $50 to $150 to upgrade the RCA cables from the DAC to preamp. My preference is to get cables that are as neutral and detailed as possible. (I guess that is what everyone wants though).

My approach was going to be to do some research and then just try something blindly. However, if anyone has any recommendations or comments on how to approach this it would be very much appreciated.
I have the Rega DAC and the Black Cat Veloce works well for me and is in your price range.
Rega Couples work very nicely....
Thanks for the recommendation. I will look at them and probably give them a try. Thanks again.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Black Cat Veloce is a digital cable that runs from a digital source to a DAC. Sruffle, you were asking about cables to run from the DAC to preamp. You could call the cable company and try some different ones from their loaner library. The Blue Jeans LC-1 gets mentioned fairly often here (I run these from my preamp to amp). I've not tried them, but sometimes you see Signal Cable mentioned here as well--another low cost alternative.
Chord Cable Crimsons work great with Rega gear.

***dealer disclaimer***
I am just beginning to wade into this so thanks again for your insights.