Rega carts and hum?

I'm using a Grado in a old LP-12 -am gettin a little bit of the ol' inner grove Grado hum from this combo. Are the Rega cartridges reasonably immune from this problem ? I figure all their table are AC powered without shielding - so I'd think they would be ?
Anybody got firsthand experience with REga MM in AC motored TT.
Just bought a used LP12 with a Rega Elys 2. There was a little bit of hum when the cartridge was over the platter. It was well below the noise floor though.

I upgraded to an Exact 2 and rewired my rb300 tonearm at the same time. Also upgraded my phonostage. Now there is a small amount of hum with the tonearm on the cradle but almost goes away when over the platter. I think that is because the new tonearm wire uses a different grounding scheme.

I think it should work fine. Well below the sound floor on my system.