Rega cartridge with a Simaudio LP3 or LP5.3

Anyone use a Rega cartridge with either a Simaudio LP3 or LP5.3 phonostage? If so, have you run into any overloading due to the high output of the Rega cartridge (around 7.0mV)?

I've been using the Exact2 with the 5.3, and I'm completely satisfied. I previously had the LP3 in my system and did experience some overload, specifically on passages where a singer cut loose in the upper register. This still occurred at times (though less often) with the 5.3, but when I added the outboard power supply and both units were fully broken in (this does take some time), I finally had all the headroom I needed. At this point, there appears to be nothing this combo can't handle with ease.