Rega Cartridge Clip Broke Off

I have a new P3 and I was changing cartridges over to a DV 10x5. Everything was going well, but I decided to make sure the clips had a snug fit and in doing so I somehow broke the red clip on the tonearm off. I asked my dealer about the possibility of fixing it, and he said they'd have to solder a new clip on, but the tech is gone until Tuesday. 

My my question is whether or not those clips require solder connections as opposed to just a crimp? I don't have an objection with paying for the repair, but I'd rather not be without my P3 for that long especially considering this 10x5 is my first MC, and until I have $5k to drop on a Soundsmith or the likes I'm eager to hear what this can do. 

Is is there anyway I can fix it at home, or at least "bandage" it until a proper repair is done. I'm not new to soldering but something about the tiny wire on my only turntable mixing with hot solder scares me. And is there any clips I could perhaps buy over the weekend? I live nearby a Frys and I'm thinking they might have something that would do for a bit. 

I feel truly heartbroken. 

A crimp isn't a very secure connection. Can it work? I suppose, but a soldered clip would be the best solution. If you have a small tip, low powered soldering pencil with fresh, small diameter solder you can do it yourself. Place a small ceramic dinner plate under the work to be done. Even if you have to set the plate on the edge of the turntable's plinth. You said you have soldering experience, all you need is the confidence to do it. I have run into the same issue with a few of my turntables. 

For what it's worth. When I said a crimp isn't a very secure connection, I meant that, if you or your dealer decide to solder it, this means you will have to cut the wire and strip off the insulation to do so. The problem with this is you will have shorted that wire. There's not much length to work with anyway, and you don't want to make it even shorter. IMO.
One of the reasons I never bought another Rega the other being no VTA .
Rega is just not user friendly , my Pioneer PXL-1000  is .