Rega Brio R vs Wyred or Bel Canto

i have been downsizing my system due to space and some financial constraints. Currently using a Rega Brio R with a Rega DAC and a Schiit Audio headphone amp. Speakers are Harbeth mini monitors. Is switching to the New wyred4sound all in one amp/dac/headphone integrated or the Bel Canto all in one an upgrade from what i am using ? will be able to condense 3 pieces of equipment into one and sell off the others. Not sure if its worth it though if i am not making some improvement.
Thanks for this post!

I have been going back and forth between these three amps and I am have a hard time deciding. I keep coming back to the Brio though.

The only other one I am considering is the Underwood HiFi modded Music Hall 15.2.

I like the fact that the Music Hall has pre outs and a bit more power. I want to buy one amp that will work for me for a long time and the Music Hall has a few more options. No reviews on this amp though.

The Brio gets great reviews though and I like the small size.
while they can be extremely helpful, reviews aren't everything. especially since you're considering a modified product. i suppose there's no way to audition the modded music hall, so it might help if you posted a thread asking for feedback on that particular amplifier. someone who has owned it is bound to respond with an opinion, positive or negative, based on their experience with the product. like reviews, their opinions aren't everything, but it'll give you a frame of reference before making the investment.

if no one responds, you might think twice before purchasing. just be sure to provide some context when you post your question, like speakers and source components to be used, room dimensions, listening position, etc.

i've never heard the music hall, so can't say one way or another, but i can tell you that i really loved my brio 3, and would have kept it longer had i not bought speakers that demanded more power to fill the space they were in.
I auditioned the vandersteens a few years back against the Gallo and Quad (small floorstanders forget the model #) and loved the vandersteens but they just wouldnt fit in the room. still regret that i couldnt make that purchase. I would concentrate on amplifaicationif u like those speakers . u would need to spend alot more to significantly improve on those.
Anonymoustao - I'm also a Vandy fan, but definitely look into Harbeths - a lot of guys end their upgrade search with these speakers - I have some P3's and I love 'em.
Zkzpb8 -- not that i am getting the itch ,but what amp are u using with your P3s ?