Rega Brio R vs. Naim 5i integrateds...


I have had much in the way of high-end gear...and am putting together a small system and would like to consider these two integrateds. I've had ARC, CJ, Classe and much more...mainly dipole speakers and Thiels.

So for this 2nd smaller system...I thought I would try one of these British integrateds.....understand PRAT and it seems people talk of that with these two.

If any of you have any experience with either...please share your insight with me..

I haven't heard the Rega but came real close to getting the Naim. Best Prat I ever heard from a small integrated. Just my opinion. In the end I spent a whole more.
Agree with above...--although I haven't heard the
newer version of the Brio...the Naim will probably
still be better, but it is more money...the Nait 5i2 can really
The Nait is an excellent integrated. Easily worth the price IMO. Not sure the Brio R has reached the US yet. According to a few people at Pink Fish Media, it's a big improvement over the Brio 3. It's a good bit more expensive, so hopefully it is a big improvement.

I was ready to buy a Nait 5i a few years back until I came across a second hand Bryston B60 for the right price. I've heard them side by side since I bought the B60 and have no regrets what so ever. The B60 has the PRaT and musicality, and adds more 3D imaging, bigger and deeper soundstaging, and sweeter highs to my ears. At a little less than 3x the price brand new, it should do these things and more. My B60 was 8 years old at the time (still had 12 years of Bryston's impeccable warranty) and cost about $500 less than a new Nait 5i. It was a no brainer to me.

Not trying to make you change what you're considering, just giving my experience. The Nait 5i and B60 are a lot closer to each other sonically than most realize IMO.
One is $895 the other is $1650. Almost twice the price.
They are different enough to warrent hearing both.
I sell both models and both are superb amps.
Prat is not the thing I think of most when listening to either and it's a bit of a shame actually that folks still use that description for these two companies because they are wayyyy beyond that simple one word phrase in their current guise. These companies have both turned into world class, sophisticated makers of high fidelity music gear.
Excellent points Realhifi.
Since you sell both the Rega Brio R and the Naim Nait 5i-2 could you please tell us all your impressions.
I am sure they are both great amps but I would really like to know your thoughts of how the sound compares and contrasts to each other.
Thank you in advance!

Not a simple comparison. One that I can't do justice to in the constraints of a blog. Know that with either amplifier you will be getting one of the very top sounding amplifiers in their respective price catagories and they both can be a the centerpiece of a modest and superb modern hifi system.
Feed them well and they will reward you.

Both companies and both amps are at the top of the game today.
I've never heard the Rega integrated, but I've owned and greatly enjoyed Naim 5i and XS. Both are wonderful.

Have you had a chance to demo either/both the Rega and Naim in your home?
'Feed them well and they will reward you' is the best advice to give anyone setting up a system.
I have owned both and find the Naim sound extremely involving and more 'front seat'. The Rega amp I also enjoyed having a different presentation with more laid back sound in MY SYSTEM. Both deserve to be auditioned never the less.
The new Brio R is a whole different kettle of fish than the older Brio. More...shall we say "brio".
With Naim SBL speakers and CDS player IMO Brio R is better.Flows better,sounds more analogue less digital.
I currently have a Rega Brio-R that I have bought out of curiosity. I used to own a Naim integrated years ago.

The Naim amps are much better. The Rega has a kind of likeable enthusiasm and a fast, almost aggressive sound, but is tonally a bit dull and unrefined. The Naim is a much more balanced, refined sound (by comparison). I would not hesitate to choose the Naim out of those two.

But you should also try to hear the Exposure 3010 s2, which is better than both.
I like these 2 brands as well;
I would choose the REGA if computer audio is a consideration. The new Saturn-R spinner has a DAC for this specific use.

Otherwise, I choose NAIM. The best red-book cd player that I have heard to date. The integrated amps are not bad either- and I am not an integrated guy!

Keep me posted & happy listening!
i was going to buy the Naim 5si, until i heard the new Brio.  the Naim sounded a little strident on some music.  the new 2017 Rega Brio is a better all rounder.
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do you still listen to Thiel loudspeakers?

Happy Listening!


i had a pair of Thiel 3.5's once.  the weak llink was the EQ box that came with the speaker.  i had a guy build an external PSU for the stock EQ box and WOW